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I am a Colorado native, so I grew up loving the natural environment and the wild Rocky Mountains. Until recently, I always considered myself a watercolor artist and felt confined to that little “box” I put myself in. On a quest for discovery and healing, I took a workshop in mixed media techniques. Since that day, I’ve been obsessed – I’ve found a new and different way to express myself and my emotions. I’m on a constant quest to find unusual and discarded “things” to use in my paintings. I’ve used everything from plaster, twine, metal, foil, and even broken windshield glass. It all somehow becomes symbolic in my paintings and signifies a feeling or emotion. Thanks for joining me on this journey and this adventure we call life and art!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Take Me Away and FLY!

Flying away and wings seem to be my "thing" lately....hmmm....wonder what that means!

This is my latest finished mixed media piece.  I started it during a recent workshop that I gave in which I wanted people to create a piece based on one "word".  If you had to think of your mantra for the year, day, moment, what would that word be and what would that mean to you
This was created with paint, stencils, molding paste, and paper.  The middle piece is a glass drawer pull.  The word "Fly" resides in the upper right-hand corner.  It measures 12X12X1.5 and will be finished with a resin coating, so there is no need for framing!
If you are interested in purchasing or have any comments, please feel free to email me at:  saltlightwatercolors@yahoo.com.


  1. I love your wonderful use of complementary colors! Beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words! Wasn't sure if anything was going to come of this one! It was an ugly duckling for a while!! :)