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I am a Colorado native, so I grew up loving the natural environment and the wild Rocky Mountains. Until recently, I always considered myself a watercolor artist and felt confined to that little “box” I put myself in. On a quest for discovery and healing, I took a workshop in mixed media techniques. Since that day, I’ve been obsessed – I’ve found a new and different way to express myself and my emotions. I’m on a constant quest to find unusual and discarded “things” to use in my paintings. I’ve used everything from plaster, twine, metal, foil, and even broken windshield glass. It all somehow becomes symbolic in my paintings and signifies a feeling or emotion. Thanks for joining me on this journey and this adventure we call life and art!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

"Troyce's Heart", original mixed media painting by Colorado artist, Donna L. Martin

Troyce's Heart


This is an original mixed media piece that was specially created for a little baby boy that will be undergoing heart surgery next month.  He has been through such a rough time already, but he has a strong family and a contagious smile! 

His Grandmother wanted me to create something special for his Mom and Dad as they travel this journey.  I was honored when she asked me to do this piece.  Through the years I've always felt close to her, even with all the twists and turns our lives have taken.  She and her family hold a special place in my heart.

I have no idea where the inspiration for this piece came from.  Even the colors are nothing like what I had originally planned.  Doug Collins, from Redeemwood provided the small wooden pallet that the heart was constructed on.  It seemed like the perfect special touch for this piece.  There are quite a few layers of paper, paint, molding paste, and burlap.  The round knob in the middle of the heart was made by a friend of mine, Wrenn Boulton, who does amazing fused glass pieces.  To me it symbolized fusion of the heart into one complete, beautiful creation...kind of like Troyce's heart. 

This little piece will soon be on it's way to Texas.  I hope it will hold special meaning for Troyce's Mom, Dad, and Grandmother.  Please pray for this family and Troyce's upcoming surgery.

I would love to hear your feedback, so please email me with any comments or if you are interested in a commissoned piece!
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  1. This is beautiful art, and will be so healing for the boy and his parents.

  2. What a lovely and heartfelt piece. It's absolutely beautiful and very inspiring too! Thank you for sharing it with us! :)

  3. PS- I will be praying for Troyce, his family and for a positive outcome in the upcoming surgery. I think this is such a kind way to show your support--it's a very comforting work of art and it would mean the world to me to receive something so thoughtful during this difficult time for this family. You are very inspiring!!! God bless YOU!!

    1. Wow, Linsey...thank you so much. Your kind words mean the world to me. And especially, thank you , for keeping Troyce and his family in your prayers.