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I am a Colorado native, so I grew up loving the natural environment and the wild Rocky Mountains. Until recently, I always considered myself a watercolor artist and felt confined to that little “box” I put myself in. On a quest for discovery and healing, I took a workshop in mixed media techniques. Since that day, I’ve been obsessed – I’ve found a new and different way to express myself and my emotions. I’m on a constant quest to find unusual and discarded “things” to use in my paintings. I’ve used everything from plaster, twine, metal, foil, and even broken windshield glass. It all somehow becomes symbolic in my paintings and signifies a feeling or emotion. Thanks for joining me on this journey and this adventure we call life and art!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Chicks Rule”, Original Mixed Media/Encaustic Painting by Colorado Artist, Donna L. Martin

"Chicks Rule"

This is a little encaustic piece that I just finished.  It has lots of layers and subtle colors.  The "nest" just appeared...I really didn't plan that at all, but I love those kinds of surprises.  Of course when the nest appeared, I had to add a bird.  I also added part of an old deed dating back to the early 1900's.  You can see part of it by her left arm and shoulder.

Here you can get a little bit of a closer view.  The flowers were made of plaster.  I also used some stamps to embellish the piece.  Some of the stamping is more visible and some not so much.

I am in love with the process of using wax (encaustic).  You can put so many rich layers and symbolism in a piece.  And above all, it's kind of a mystery as to what you will end up with!

This little piece is reserved for an online auction that will be happening in May.  I welcome your comments and would love to hear from you!

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