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I am a Colorado native, so I grew up loving the natural environment and the wild Rocky Mountains. Until recently, I always considered myself a watercolor artist and felt confined to that little “box” I put myself in. On a quest for discovery and healing, I took a workshop in mixed media techniques. Since that day, I’ve been obsessed – I’ve found a new and different way to express myself and my emotions. I’m on a constant quest to find unusual and discarded “things” to use in my paintings. I’ve used everything from plaster, twine, metal, foil, and even broken windshield glass. It all somehow becomes symbolic in my paintings and signifies a feeling or emotion. Thanks for joining me on this journey and this adventure we call life and art!

Friday, March 24, 2017

“Infinity”, Original Mixed Media Painting/Encaustic by Colorado Artist, Donna L. Martin


In the midst of winter, I start dreaming about spring.  It's the time for renewal, new starts, new colors, new choices.  I always look forward to the flowers blooming and the warm sunshine blowing around in the spring winds.  

Another thing I look forward to is the return of the hummingbirds.  My Grandma, from the time I can remember, always had a hummingbird feeder up at her place in the mountains.  I remember as a child being mesmerized by them and by my Grandmother's care for them.  They were like little tiny dancers.

My Grandma is gone now and I miss her so much.  We had a special bond and she was the one I could turn to with any of my secrets without fear of judgement or rejection.  She worried about me, cried with me, celebrated with me, and loved me unconditionally.  I wish we would have had more time together.

Whenever the hummingbirds come back around, I think of her.  These teeny, little birds have so much meaning to me and bring back many memories. Their wings, very tiny but powerful, actually move in the pattern of a circle eight, the symbol for infinity.  That's exactly how I feel about my Grandma and the time we shared together.  Even though we are apart for now, her love is infinite and transcends time and space.  She will never be forgotten.  

This piece is a reflection of my feelings about spring and the hummingbirds that come to visit us every year.  It truly is a mixed media piece...it has so many layers and mediums.  For the background, I used a vintage hankie that had a flower stitched into it.  I then added gesso and plaster.  I used an image transfer for the hummingbird and formed the flowers in watercolor, graphite, and intense pencils.  I added some watered-down paint in the background to give it a vintage-feel.  Finally, I finished it off with a layer of encaustic wax, which gave it a dream-like quality.

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